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Understanding Scheduled Personal Property Coverage: Protection for Your Valuables | Eagle Insurance

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Do you have expensive valuables that need extra protection? Learn about scheduled personal property coverage, a home insurance endorsement that can help cover items like jewelry, antiques, and firearms.

With homeowners insurance, your standard personal property coverage usually comes with limits to how much expensive valuables like jewelry, fine art, and electronics are covered for. It also limits the types of perils that are covered and where your belongings may be covered. That's where scheduled personal property coverage can help.


Key Takeaways:

  • Standard personal property coverage in your home insurance policy only covers certain high value items up to a limited amount. Typically $1,000 or less

  • Scheduled personal property coverage lets you increase your coverage limits on high-value belongings and covers more types of losses.

  • Scheduled personal property coverage costs can range from $15-$25 for every $1,000 in coverage.

What is scheduled personal property coverage?

Scheduled personal property coverage is a type of insurance that provides additional protection for high-value items such as jewelry, artwork, antiques, and collectibles. It typically covers loss or damage caused by a wide range of incidents, including theft, fire, flood, and accidental damage.

Most standard policies have coverage limits around $1,000 for these valuable items.

Unlike standard homeowners or renters insurance, scheduled personal property coverage is specifically tailored to cover valuable items and is not subject to the same coverage limits or deductibles as most standard policies.

What does scheduled personal property coverage typically cover?

Scheduled personal property coverage can cover a wide range of expensive and unique items, including but not limited to:

  • Jewelry

  • Artwork

  • Antiques and historical artifacts

  • Musical instruments

  • Collectibles such as stamps, and coins

  • Electronics such as high-end cameras and computers

  • Sporting equipment such as golf clubs or fishing gear.

Its important to note that the exact items covered may vary based on the specific policy and insurer you choose.

How much does scheduled personal property coverage cost?

The cost of scheduled personal property coverage can range quite a bit but we usually see it range from $15-$25 per $1,000 of insured value. The price typically depends on the value and type of items being covered, as well as your location, insurance history, and other factors.

While keeping costs low is important, the additional cost of this coverage can be well worth the investment if you own expensive or unique items that are subject to standard homeowners policy limits. Be sure to work with your agent to explore your options.

How can you purchase scheduled personal property coverage?

If you're interested in obtaining scheduled personal property coverage, the first step is to talk with your agent and inquire about the coverage. Not all insurance companies offer this options as an add on to your homeowners policy and some have limits on how much coverage can be offered. Your insurance agent can help you navigate your available options.

To purchase coverage, you will typically need to provide the insurance company with a description and value of each item you want to insure, as well as any appraisals or receipts for the items. Your insurer may also require that you have the items appraised by a licensed appraiser in order to establish their value.


Scheduled personal property coverage is a valuable investment for anyone who owns expensive or unique items that may not be fully covered under standard homeowners or renters insurance. It provides additional protection against a wide range of risks and ensures that your valuable items are protected in the event of loss or damage.

To learn more about this type of coverage and how it could benefit you, talk to your insurance agent today.


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